We take your privacy very seriously.  All of your information is completely private and is not shared with anyone except for our people and the people that actually process your payment no mater how you pay.  We don't share it with anyone other than who actually needs it.  No Matter how you pay us we keep it confidential!


80  MBPS  Simple Internet Service                

$79.99 Per Month

50 Down 5 Up  MBPS  Simple Internet Service               $59.99 Per Month



That's right!  Internet by ACCESS NETWORKS is the only company that can provide a service level this high.  The cable company can't do it and neither can your phone company.  How many times have you made the dreaded phone call but only to be put on hold forever........  Or had your schedule appointment missed, again.......

​Our technician will not only arrive on time but you will also get an automated text and email confirming your appointment and reminder.  The technician will set up and install all the necessary equipment to have you up and surfing the WWW in no time!!!!

  30 Down 5 Up MBPS  Simple Internet Service               $39.99 Per Month

ACCESS NETWORKS is based at    -   950 Cherry St   -  Kent    -  OH   -  44240  But don't let that bother you, we had to pick a home somewhere, we service everywhere in the  USA!

We have over 20 years experience in bringing DIRECTV services to neighborhoods just like yours and who better know about where you live better than we do!  This means you get super fast and reliable internet service that is second to none!!  Our is FIBER OPTIC based and for you that mean super fast speeds others can only dream of getting to you!!

Unlimited Minutes Telephone Service           $19.99

Per Month



We take them all!!  Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express!!  We can even take your check!

​We highly recumbent Auto Bill Payment so we can keep your costs and our costs down too.  This is a simple service to sign up for.  Be sure to have the technician give you the form to fill out.